How to Burp Your Baby
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Learn how to properly burp your new born baby.


Female Speaker: Hi! I am here from American Baby Magazine with Baby Care How To Tips, today we're learning about burping. Babies need to burp when they take in too much air during feeding. To reduce the amount of air coming in and lessen your baby's discomfort, make sure he is latched on well, his lip should be sealed around your breast or the bottle. If you aren't sure when to burp try every time you switch breasts or every 2 to 3 ounces if you are bottle-feeding. To begin burping, hold your baby under his bottom so he is well supported, with his chin resting on your non-dominant shoulder. Tap the palm and finger tips of your free hand across your baby's shoulder blades. Your palm should be all relaxed but heavy. As an alternate position sit your baby sideways on your lap with his chest leaning slightly forward. Support his chin between your thump and index finger and pat his back across the shoulder blades. Be patient, with either method it could take four or five minutes. If he doesn't burp after five minutes don't force it, he'll burp when he needs to. If your baby still seems hungry after burping continue on with the meal.