How to Built a Robot with Your Kids
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Are you looking for cheap toys that will keep your children entertained, and provide a valuable learning experience? This episode of Gear Daddy talks about building your own battery powered toy robots known as Bristlebots. These electronic toys combine a battery powered offset motor and a toothbrush to make robotic toys for kids. Brisltebots are fun learning toys that teach your kids about robotics, and teach them how to build your own.


Welcome back Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy. Today we are going to learn to build one of these. It's a bristlebots. We are also going to review the new book by Klutz Press it's called 'Invasion of the Bristlebox'. Stick around I will tell you all about it. Today's episode is sponsored by Baby Bjorn, you know I have been this week and I have talked to the designers of the Baby Bjorn products, amazing stuff, a lot of research and thought put into these Baby Bjorn. So this is a bristle bot, it's actually really, really simple to make, it's just a toothbrush, right I have got a vibrating motor. It's an offset motor the kind that you have in your cell phone when your cell phone is on vibrate, you got a battery inside to power it and you got an on and off switch. And in fact if you are DIY dad, you can make one of these yourself pretty simply, Make Magazine has a video from the guys over evil mad scientist laboratories, they sure know how to make these, well small ones as well as huge, you should check that out, you can buy all the parts at radioshack. Today I am going to encourage you also though to think about buy in the Klutz's 'Invasion of the Bristlebots' book. And what I really like about this is, is that it comes with all the parts you need, as well as the Klutz done a really good job of making it, so that these are really easy to put together, done all the calculations, in terms of what battery size you need and the weighing. It comes with these cardboard cutouts, you make mazes with, you can have an arena, you can have battlebots, you can also these really cool things like a scorpion or these bristlebots with the antennas it looks as if you can paint with robots and kids really have a great time playing with this, also playing together with other kids. So that's 'Invasion of the Bristlebox' by Klutz press, you can also go over to Make Magazine's website and look for some videos by the evil mad scientist laboratories, they do something with bristlebox that are really crazy and big as well, both are really, really fun activities. This gives you the curriculum then you can graduate on up to it and doing some crazy stuff yourself with your kids. We will see you next time on Gear Daddy and all week along at Hey and don't forget, we are sponsored by Baby Bjorn, some of the best baby gear on the planet, Baby Bjorn.