How to Build a Nursery - Choosing Crib Bedding
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The Great Beginnings staff will show you how to create a perfect nursery - Choosing Crib Bedding for Your Nursery


Hi, My name is Kim, I am here to talk to you about how to build your nursery, and I am going to talk to you about designs of your bedding for your nursery. First thing that you should need to know when you come in, is whether you want a gender neutral design or a gender specific. Most people they start with four piece set, with the components of having a bumper, a sheet, and a dust ruffle. Dust ruffle serves the purpose of covering the hardware to the crib. A crib sheet obviously is something that you need. You should also put a water proof sheet underneath of the crib mattress to protect the mattress. The bumper purpose is for when the child starts to roll, the bumper helps to keep the child from rolling into the side of the crib and bumping into the side. Also when they get older, from sticking their arms, legs through there and getting them caught. Crib sheet a necessity. The dust ruffle is a decorated piece, but it helps to cover the hardware to the crib. The comforter is definitely something that you don't want to use for the first two years, because of the safety issues. But a lot of people use these for, is to hang them on the wall as decoration, or to put them on the glider if you get cold to use that, and you can lay that over you and the baby. Other decorations that you can get, can be a crib mobile. What that helps to do, is when you have a new born, that the child can look up at the mobile, and it helps to soothe them. They are musical. So the music also helps them when you are trying to sleep, and it is something to keep them busy while they are in the crib. But after first four months it is a good idea to take off the mobile, because they will start pulling. And you don't want it to pull down on them. Pillows, purely decorative definitely not meant to use with the child while they are in the crib. What a lot of people do, is put them on to the glider, to decorate through the room, it's purely decoration. You could even go farther into decoration and as far as diaper stacker, which is another decorative thing. Lot of people will put the diapers in here. Hang them close to the crib or the changing table, for when they are changing the baby, just make it easier for them to have the diapers available. Window treatments, wall hangings, more decorative things. Window treatments obviously are nice thing to have. There is a coordinate with the bedding. Other decorative pieces include a lamp. You can do picture frames. Every manufacturer has something a little bit different that you can get to decorate the room. Just make sure you get your necessities for the room, including a waterproof sheet for your crib. If you have a changing table, make sure that you get a cover, if you want a coordinating cover to go over the mattress pad on the changing table. Up next, Jim is going to talk to you about choosing the right mattress for your crib.