How to brew Oolong diet teas
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Oolong tea like wu-yi has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years, and has been shown in scientific studies to play a role in the oxidation of fat and weight loss. As one would expect, tea generally has no side effects.


Female: Wulong tea has been used for centuries in Asia to promote healthy weight loss and overall good health. It has also have been shown to be six times more effective than green tea inducing your metabolism. When preparing your tea, it is good to start with freshwater, if you do not have good water in your area I suggest you use far than water change and sure you get best cup of wulong tea possible. The best temperature to steep your wulong tea is actually a little bit below the boiling point. If you want the steam to come out that you do not want it to be rolling to a full boil. You want to take your single starting infuser. Squeeze at the hinges. Feel the bottom part with the tape. Tap it just a little bit to make sure that the tea leaves do not make out. Pour the water over the infuser and allow your tea steep anywhere between three and eight minutes. We suggest trying at least five minutes for your first cup of tea. Different types of tea require different steeping times. We want tea as a full body tea. Right between a green tea and a black tea and complexity, allow your tea to escape without using infuser to stir. Some of the tea may come loosing your cup in doing so. The Dr. Tom’s wulong tea is infused with a hint of cinnamon but feel free to add any other ingredients you want such as honey, sugar, extra cinnamon, or nutmeg. Another great way to make wulong tea is using your normal housel hold coffeemaker. This method is simple and easy and great for when you are in a hurry. Fill the coffee maker with eight ounces of water. This is usually the two cup mark but check your coffeemaker first. The cup size is varied from four ounces to six ounces between different models. Place paper coffees filter in a basket and use one level of tablespoon for every eight ounces. Your coffeemaker will heat the water and make a perfect cup of wulong tea in time at all.