How to Boost Your Child's Nutrition
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Dr. Ann Kulze says it's very important for parents to talk with their children about the importance of eating healthy foods. Aside from taking this step, Dr. Ann says parents may also want to sneak in healthier foods into their children's diet.


Dr. Ann Kulze: It’s critically important to talk to kids regularly about importance of good nutrition and why these foods are good for you, why this food are bad for you. So, there must be a constant dialogue and that thing said, if you’re doing that which is the prerequisite I think it’s completely fair game as a path to snake good is an without annoying it. I called this “Tilt Health”. Getting your family to eat healthier without them knowing it, and I have four kids and I am an absolute whiz in doing this. So I am very happy to build the share of my wisdom as a nutrition expert and as mom with you. And the first thing it comes to mind is to make simple substitutions, meaning these are institution that will have little if any affects on the taste of particular food but can have a huge effect on making it more nutritious for example when you are going to buy eggs go ahead and be sure you get the eggs that are fortified with Omega-3 fats that available to all grocery stores. This is the new grainer because most kids loves eggs and most kids do not like the food otherwise it can change Omega-3 fats which are critically important for brain health, cardiovascular health so go for the Omega-3 eggs instead of the regular eggs. Another great example, I did this when all the time is instead of using the typically ground meat that has— even if you get like really lean ground meat still has significant amounts of saturated fat. One that you get, 100% ground turkey breast, first of all turkey is one of the healthiest proteins you can put in your body and this hardly any saturated fat in and it taste just as good in your spaghetti and in your lasagna and things like and your meatloaf so do that and that ones is easy one to do, here is one of my families personal favors and one of my personal favors. We now have available all this wonderful pastas that instead of being made out the typical 100% white flour pasta they’re multi-grain. I am not talking about 100% whole wheat because guess what most kids don’t like that it looks weird, it taste is like sour but this you can trick anyone with my kids have never caught it is anything other than the standard brand. This is got boost it up with protein, boost it up with fiber, boost it up with healthy fats. I can actually go on and on about it and they’re lots of brand available so look for this multi-grain pastas and low up the traditional 100% white flour pastas. Here are really simple one and again you don’t to your kids about this things, you just do it. And how about getting 100% fruits instead of the standard jelly-Y because this you’re getting more of the goodness in fruit and less sugar so this just the again, simple to do kids will not even know you did it. Let’s see here, oh this is the big one we all love ice cream and every kid loves ice cream and even Dr. Ann loves ice cream. And over here we have the traditional you know this brand, I don’t want to talk this about it loaded with saturated fat, tons of sugar. Over here we have 100% sorbet, guess what? No fat and less sugar and taste really, really good so less calories, less sugar, no fat and this one this is more calories, more sugar and so many calories that is frighten okay. Next, oh we have these new healthy chips our there. The great thing, the world is getting better in terms of healthy foods. So instead of the traditional chips like this over here, what about getting this bake chips, bake less fat the fat that are in there they are healthy fats and these are even made from whole grains. Whole grains so that’s awesome, you have the chip with less fat, it’s not frying and it’s made from whole grains. Simple substitution please do it, this is the big one juice. Now, these both may look like the same thing but they’re not. Over here we have what you should be doing. This is what you should substitute for this, this is what we call fruit drinks, fruits drinks in a way we identify them as you don’t see anywhere on this package 100% fruit juice okay. So what this is in almost any brand you can get a fruit drinks, fruit beverages are water and the second ingredient is sugar usually scary cornstarch we don’t like that. Instead look for 100% juice and now you can get this juices that have been despite with the vitamins and minerals that your kids are most act to be deficient in. This one got you know additional A, B, C, E and Calcium what a great thing, much better choice, simple substitution. Let’s see we have a few more and I think they’re over there. Let’s all look at these crackers, right it’s amazing. Whole grains are having a renaissance and I like it because another it’s a good for your health so there is— on this side are traditional crackers that kids like and guess what now you can get crackers that taste just as good that are truly made from 100% whole grain. And you know what your kids especially getting several servings of whole grains each and everyday and this is the tasty easy way to do it especially for snack okay. Oh this is one of my most favorites; okay on this side we have the standard iceberg glass which by the way has 10% of the RDA for absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing this has five or more that they— virtually is otherwise the void of any significant nutrients. Now, over here we have roaming lettuce, now this one is crunchy and so is this one. And you can easily make this transition without your kids like freaking out thinking you know it’s not like its, its finish. This one is crunchy and guess what has so many nutrients in it that honestly it will take me too long to real them off so just trust me that is loaded any grains always exploding with nutrients. And this again I don’t provide in water really is a major nutritional weekly. Alright, a lot of great simple substitutions, another wonderful change in the diary isle are there is a greater in greater ray of healthier cheeses. So, over here we have your standard cheese and cubes and the kids love cheese it taste really good. The promise got a lot of saturated of fat and a lot, in fact cheese is probably the single greatest contributor to elevating our cholesterol levels in America and most literally more than 54% of adult Americans have high cholesterol. So, instead of getting the full fat cheese cubes, you can now find all sorts of cheeses in fun. Kit friendly like shapes and packages they are made from 2% milk and what this does is significantly like about 35% decrease in the saturated fats, less fat, less calories and you still get all of that wonderful good protein and the calcium. This is a no brander substitution, get the 2%. Another one let’s see, over here, here we have traditional stick butter right. And this is one of the sort of what we call the newer a healthy margarine spreads and believe it or you can get lots of margarine spreads that not only or they free of trans facts they’re made with a kind of fat that actually makes you healthier that improves the health of your arteries, lots of them available. Look for contains nutrients fat is the most important of marker to be able to select the best ones. And use this I will tell you it taste just as good as not butter than butter to use this healthy margarine spreads and low of butter and definitely in low of stick margarine which is actually worsen butter right. That so bad I could even bring it in to the studio, it makes me sick to look at it. Alright, let’s see, now I think we may finish our simple substitutions. I have another great strategy for you, the biggest challenge I think is the parent again I’m one. Is getting our kids to eat a veggies they need and reality is kids need at least— young kids needs at least five serving of fruits and vegetables everyday and at the teenage they need seven to nine and it’s best if the veggies out way to fruit but it is a big challenge. So what are some still kind of a sneaky ways to get into eat more veggies. One of my favorite examples is to shred, what you can do, you can shred carrots they’re you go. You can take really any vegetable the biggest ones are carrots and it lend them to this. Carrots you’re darkly green, your broccoli, your zukini. Shred it up or buy already shredded you know like I do its super convenient. And through this shredded veggies into things like your spaghetti sauce your meatloaf and your lasagna and you and your soup and toast. That you know what they have no idea it’s even in there a lot of times, it will not affect the flavor. Simple thing to do, another wonderful of way to get nourishment in them, let’s go for that can pumpkin this is an incredibly special food which I do a whole piece on can pumpkin. And it’s really cool because an example of a can food there is truly a healthier than it’s fresh counter part. And this is 100% sure puree pumpkin and it can boost the highest concentration across than any other food. Load with fiber; they are incredibly powerful chemicals that protect us from cancer, that protect us from cardiovascular system, the important for healthy skin and eyes. And what’s great about can pumpkin, the way you do this is you use it in your bake goods like I’m known for my pumpkin corn bread that people always I wish I suppose to feed my kids and my family on my website and people said what is that pumpkin corn bread? What its make corn bread according to the standard of recipe but then I add an entire can of can pumpkin saw in your muffins or any of your baking you could do this, you could also add can pumpkin frequently to toast and even to soups. Again, despite up the characinoid is the vitamin A and the fibers with you know in my opinion actually improving the flavor. And another great trick in all kids loves mash potatoes so cauliflower which has nutritional profile that will completely blow potatoes out of the water, you could make instead of mash potatoes you make map mash cauliflower and you do at the same way. You basically cook the cauliflower you can boil it, you can roast it, you can steam it and you smash it up and do the other things you do to your mash potatoes to make it taste good. And I’ve never serve my mash cauliflower to any kid that did not love it okay. So those are some simple ways to get your kids to eat more veggies. The last little freaky to trade for me is to utilize and fully exploit what I call nutritional booster. So, these are specific foods that are just completely super concentrative in there nutrients. I mean they have so many nutrients that even a tiny bit will go along way. And one of my favorite ones is with jam, which I have. Look at in left that’s much I like it, with jam and with jam it’s got a nice nutty it’s a you know kind of the flavor they like and it provides, first of all it provides more vitamin even any other food. It’s low with folic acid, it’s a good sources of Omega-3, it’s a good source of the couple other minerals and what’s interesting about it to me is it provides an high concentrations. The nutrients and the American is the most like to be the deficient in. So, how I do this with my kids, you can sprinkled into there oatmeal, you can sprinkle on your salad, you can put it in there yogurt, you can put it into there pancake mix. I mean just simple easy ways to use it, use it it’s amazing a little bit goes a long way and then we can’t forget about fresh herbs and spices. And there are quite honestly, they are medicinal. They are medicinal and there ability to protect your health. Because again the nutrients, the goodness is so super concentrated and they don’t make food taste bad they make all food and this is taste better. And even most kids will agree with that, and here we have parsley and you know first of all any legume green you can be guaranteed is one of the healthiest foods you can put in your body and that’s true across the board. And parsley claim to fame is, that it can boost more flavanoids which is the darling of the fatty chemical world then any other food. So chop of a little fresh parsley sprinkle on top of you know any dish salads and spaghetti sauce and pasta, simple to do and don’t forget about garlic. Again, garlic truly has medicinal powers and what I do is the best way to use your garlic is we want to mince it or chop it. Let it set for a little bit and put into foods after you cooking, and again you can put in salad dressing, you can put in salads, you can put in vegetables, you can put any kind of dish you want. It’s simple and easy to do and don’t forget about the special spices like curry which are now are getting world of claim for there protein anti-inflammatory effects and you know again, curry you can put in bean dish, you can put in chicken dishes, you can put in salad dressing. The bottom on this is don’t forget to use herbs and spices to both jack up the flavor and the nutritional quality and nutritional power in foods. And I’ve got a mince of cinnamon you can see this on my house and we eat this cinnamon in our body big or fat jars and look at in the previews that is not very long. In cinnamons really good in exciting press like now for each ability to do several things like maybe help you lower your cholesterol and improve like sugar metabolism and maybe even help control your appetite. So cinnamon is a great one, let’s see we’ve already talk about can pumpkin, oh this is another one that I want to talk about and I don’t have the prop it’s so healthy that on the way here, no I’m just kidding. I forget it, it’s called broccoli sprout and these are amazing. You might see them; they are available in almost grocery in the fruity section. And most people know healthy broccoli is it really is and one of it’s biggest claims to fame is it cancer protective and there is a chemical in broccoli called suphorphane that we know is the magic anti-cancer ingredient. And believe or not some cancer researchers from John Hopkins actually develop this invisible broccoli sprout and they contain up to a 100 times suphorphane in standard broccoli and I buy and I used them. What I do again a little bit it’s going to go a long way. You can sprinkle them on your salad you can try to put in your kids sandwiches those are those for standard ways to use them. I don’t think most kids want to put in there mouth but again look for broccoli sprout, they are absolutely awesome. I hope that these tips help you, I think health is fair gain and until next time this is Dr. Ann for ask you and remember you are the only one that can make you healthy so take charge of your health.