How to be Part of the Team
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Larry Jonson, Shawn Marion, LaDaiian Tomlinson all share their expert advice on being part of the team.


[Music Playing] How to be part of the team Female: What is that mean to be a part of the team, what is the most important thing about being a team player? [Music Playing] Larry Johnson: That you kind of forget yourself and the things you do, you have to think in mind the guys that you may or may not offend and the guys that you know really stood for you and you have to stand after them. I think you got not to be selfish. That is what I think is the real purpose of a team. [Music Playing] Shawn Marion: To be the part of something special, I think when you plan, plan team in any sport, it is always a teamwork. You got to support individual sport but I mean you still got people in your team to help get you ready to prepare whatever so dedication and all so I think that is what it is about. [Music Playing] LaDainian Tomiinson: Well, teamwork is not about you, it got to be about the team and sometimes you got to sacrifice for the team. That is the most important thing. Larry Johnson: Hi, this is Larry Johnson f t and check out my advice on peoplejam.