How to Be Honest Without Hurting His Feelings
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Melissa asks: "Sometimes I think I'm too honest with my husband and I hurt his feelings. How do I strike a balance?". Your Tango's experts answer.


“Sometimes I think I’m too honest with my husband and I hurt his feelings. How do I strike a balance?” Excellent question Melissa. While it’s well and good to say that honesty is the policy, getting honest is not always easy. While he holds that some truths are self-evident, other truths are a matter of perspective. The key to healthy relationships is open communication. Step one is agreeing that honest communication is important to both of you. Obviously, there are some issues which are sensitive. Occasionally, these items will have to be brought up. Doing so in a gentle and thoughtful way, we go a long way towards maintaining peace. Allow your partner to take a timeout or end arguments gracefully. If you cannot escape, you will just become withdrawn and cut off communication. Avoid name calling. Eventually names like “mole-face, hot-head” and the great emancipator really hit home. Finally, a little white lie is not all bad. Things like, “Yes, that top head looks good.”, “No. I don’t think the chin strap here is out of style.” and what more can make your partner feel good without sacrificing any integrity. Got a question? Address it now at