How to Be Happier by Turning Work Projects Into Play
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In Chapter 5 of 20 in his 2012 interview, creative director Jason Anello notes he is at his best when happy and shares how he does it. By turning work projects into play activities Anello achieves happiness and personal best. Jason Anello is a founding partner and creative director at marketing services agency Manifold Partners. He is also the co-founder of the Forking Tasty Brooklyn supper club. Previously, Anello held creative leadership roles at Yahoo! and Ogilvy & Mather.


Erik: When are you at your best? Jason: I'm at my best when I'm happy. But that almost sounds like, "Of course, everybody would say that." But I think there's a lot of things that make me happy. I mean, I could be steeped in work and up till 2:00 in the morning trying to get something done and be happy and be at my best. I can be on vacation in Italy and have eaten 4 times and it's only noon, and I could be at my best. But I guess for me, I'm a big be-happy guy and my compass is always been -- my true north has always been make yourself happy, whatever you do. My mother says to me all the time, "Jason is not interested in working. He has never been interested in working. He does whatever he can to find out how he can do the most amount of play." And it's true. A lot of play for me is running a supper club in my backyard or building a solar powered ice pop truck for a residential solar power company. So it doesn't appear to be play to everybody who sees it but to me it is, and it's fun, and it makes me happy, and so if I can find a way to play as much as possible, then I can be happy, and when I'm happy, I'm at my best.