How to Be a Santa
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SPOILER ALERT: We penetrate Santa's security perimeter to uncover lots of secrets. The Dads also offer tips on important holiday skills like how to wrap a present, and where to best track Santa's progress online.


Daddy Clay: Welcome back to the Lab and Happy Holidays. I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. This week we are going to be talking about Santa so if you have any little ones around you may want to press pause if you know what I mean. Daddy Clay: And if you are not one of those families that is particularly interested in keeping the story alive then just gather the kids around and watch as we give away all the secrets. Daddy Brad: Lots of parents like me think that Santa is just like absolute magic for kids that is why we created this episode saving Santa keeping the spirit alive. Daddy Clay: Also known as Holiday Brain Washing how to make your kid believe in a made up elf. Daddy Brad: Oh, humbug dude cheese. Daddy Clay: It is one of this. Daddy Brad: Trying to keep Santa alive is kind of like on episode a CSI North pole you the bad guy. Daddy Clay: Now you want to make sure if you are going to get away with it that you avoid doing the obvious stupid things like hiding presents here in the trunk of your car on the closets of your home. Daddy Brad: Come on dude that you are young ones let us start at grandma’s house or next door with your old couple or in the office. Daddy Clay: Let us do this? Same thing goes for toys you order online do not have them delivered to your home. This is a real deal breaker right here. We are in. Daddy Brad: Make sure you run two hours after the kids go to bed before you put all the Santa Stuff out and use physical evidence, milking cookies work great. Daddy Clay: Dude, are you still using milk in your house? Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clay: You got to give Santa what Santa really wants. Daddy Brad: Oh man. Daddy Clay: Yes leave a beer out and do not forget to take care of the reindeer throw a couple of carrots sticks or some oats or something out in the backyard that kind of evidence we will convinces of the kids. Daddy Brad: Hey, dude give me the cookies and that beer. Daddy Clay: I am waiting let us go back where we came from. Daddy Brad: Oh, man that is a carrot Daddy Clay: You want some smokes with that? Daddy Brad: Yes. If you are feeling some heat from the little investigators throw them all for the one spot you know that they will trust, the internet. You can go to right here have them send an email or the let say yes right there. Both of this sites will send your kids a response and then on Christmas eve—oh cool, watch is this and track the slay it is cool, high tech satellites. Daddy Clay: One Christmas debate that rages. Santa presents wrap or unwrap? Now when I was a kid present from mom and dad wrapped, presents from Santa unwrapped. In my wife’s household all the presents were wrapped. So you can guess how it is going to work in my house and which is why we brought in Sheryl here from right here in Austin, Texas she is going to help us out to get a few basic tips on gift wrapping and help us dads. Where do we start from Dad? Sheryl: Well by far the easiest way to give wrap I would say is to used gift box. Daddy Clay: Right. Sheryl: They come in different shapes, sizes, colors. Second, if your present comes in a box it is easy just to wrap-- Daddy Clay: Like for example a DVD. Sheryl: Absolutely. Daddy Clay: Make some great present, basic box wrapping for Dads. Sheryl: Be sure that you put your present in the middle of the paper. Daddy Clay: Right, okay. Sheryl: And this paper here actually has a grid for you. You will take that one and I will take this one. Daddy Clay: Okay got it. This is mine you do yours over there, this one is mine. You like bad boy over like that. Sheryl: That is good. Daddy Clay: Okay I want to secure that and fasten. Sheryl: That is right. Daddy Clay: Okay now-- Sheryl: And then downward to kind of just fill your boxes and looks like it is a little long so you just kind of trim off the edges so we have a nice type packages. Daddy Clay: Oh that is a good trick I like that. Sheryl: And then you just— Daddy Clay: Tape stock. Sheryl: And make sure you have—that is a