How to Be a Great Bartender
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Learn how to be a great bartender with working flair bartending. Instructor Scott Young discusses how to stand out from the crowd serving cocktails with a little style & entertainment.


How to Be a Great Bartender A great bartender is a lot of things but mainly you have to enjoy dealing with people. You got to be friendly. ‘Coz you’re dealing with people from all walks of life. Now, depending on what type of bar you’re working in: a pub, a restaurant, a night club, a cruise ship, a resort. I mean there’s so many different ways that you can do this job so you have to be able to adapt to the different styles of situations you’re going to be dealing with. Now, other thing you need, you just, you need a good memory. You need to know the different drinks. It’s very important, and you need to be fast and efficient while you’re making these cocktails. You need to be respectful. But mainly, I think you just, you need to enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re not comfortable with people, then, you know, maybe you look at a job that you don’t have to do that, may be sit in front of a computer, right? And that’s fine. But a bartender, you have to be outgoing, you have to be confident. You have to be not worrying about crewing up ‘coz you’re going to make mistakes. right? You’re going to have times where you’re going to make the wrong drink. But I think all around, what a great bartender is he’s just a good person. Somebody who’d, you know, you like to hang out with for a little while. Another thing you really need is just knowledge about what’s going on around you in the city. A lot of people will ask you questions, “what movies are good?”, or “is there any good place or shows I can see?”, “are there any other bars out there as well?”. I mean, I’m happy to send people to other bars or restaurants because they’re my customers. When they ask me a question, I want to help have the best experience that they possibly can. Stay away from politics. Politics is, listen but never throw an opinion in politics and personal situations. Try not to give advices and that sort of thing. You’re really a good listener depending if you have some more time behind the bar, people bring you there problems. Just be pleasant, happy and helpful when you can.