How to Balance Life with Kids
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The Pregnancy Show Presents: A panel discussion - Learn how to Balance Life with Kids


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody. I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to from mom2 mom Toronto. On today's discussion, -- gives useful tips on how you can become a mompreneur and work from home. So, how do you balance working with family life and taking care of kids or you know like where is the balance? Female Speaker: I personally believe that, that balance is a myth like, that's one of the reasons, why I got into this, because before this I was working fulltime at an architectural firm and believing that, Oh! sure I can balance that. Some people are, some moms can and I was one of those who can't and it let me to breakdown and I figured, there's got to be somewhere I can still work without having to stop being a mom. Because, that's what I wanted. I wanted to do something that doesn't mean motherhood stops. Melanie Raposo: Right. Female Speaker: So, when I was, when I founded mom2mom Toronto, it gave me away to keep doing what I like to do and still be available for my child, whether she was one and half when I stopped working, and she is four and half now. And between those years, before I founded mom2mom Toronto I was just lost, because I couldn't find a job that would let me work for hours that I wanted to work. Melanie Raposo: Right. Female Speaker: And as a mom home has her own business, yes I worked long hours, but its hours that I choose. If I choose to work lets say, four in the afternoon and until six and then prepare dinner or seemed to like that I can work when she plays right there. When she get sick, during holidays, like I'm there. Melanie Raposo: How would have been your experiences and you have four kids, how do you balance all that? Female Speaker: -- four kids and she organized a fund raiser. Melanie Raposo: Yeah and how do you do things like that? Female Speaker: You have some kids some days when housework doesn't it? Female Speaker: Exactly. Female Speaker: They take charities. The floors don't get swapped and the laundry doesn't get folded and put away, because I'm busy for example, this month trying to get ready for the fund raiser. I've just got my eldest daughter, just started senior kindergarten, so running her back and forth to school everyday. So, my kitchen floors is probably aren't as clean as they could be. Melanie Raposo: -- all the time Female Speaker: Somethings got to give you just, you make those decisions on a daily basis. what's the important thing for today. Melanie Raposo: Exactly. Female Speaker: You know and so we deal with that important thing for today and then we go on to tomorrow and set a new priority. Female Speaker: I call it -- at home. Melanie Raposo: Yes, exactly. Female Speaker: Like okay, you know what, nobody will get hurt if the dishes don't get done. But I put food in the table, good you have food. Mommy please phone call us. You have one more outfit for tomorrow, good then no laundry. Melanie Raposo: Well, that wraps up our discussion for today. Join us next time when the moms reveal some great baby products that are going to make your lives a whole lot easier.