How to Backup Your Digital Family Photos
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Family photos taken with a digital camera are some of the most treasured items for dads and moms. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Troy discuss how you can archive digital photos, as well as how to backup the files to keep them safe. How often should you upload your digital pictures from your camera to the computer? Should you transfer the files to a hard drive? Can you do backups using sites like Facebook or Flickr or should you consider a backup service like Mozy?


Male 1: So at the end of the day, as we’re off, Daddy Troy asked me a very interesting question. Male 2: Your house is burning down, you’ve got the kids out safely, and you’re allowed to go back in, like if you ever were to be allowed to go back in, but you are allowed to go back in and grab more thing, what would it be? Male 1: Duh, computer—I think everybody would say the same thing which indicates that this has become the most important family treasure for most guys. Male 2: Because you’ve played a lot of video games. Male 1: Exactly, because I’m about to beat Plants Versus Zombies—no, because it’s the archive that contains all of our precious family photos and other materials that we want to keep safe. So today, we’re talking about backing up and keeping safe your digital photos and speaking of safety and security this is brought to you by Baby Bjorn, Eco-Tech certified, it’s the safest, best design gear out there, Baby Bjorn. Obviously, the first thing you want to do to keep your photo safe is get them out of the camera. Male 2: There are some people who tend to leave a really big, have a really big cards in their camera, leave tons of pictures on them, and they will actually going to put them into the computer. Male 1: One, on the pool—boom, 700 pictures, precious family photos is gone. One of the ways that I found is useful is using this HiFi WiFi SD card. You put this in your camera and it will automatically transfers the photographs from your camera to the computer anytime the camera is on and in the same room. So Daddy Troy, when you’re transferring photos from your camera to the computer, what’s your protocol–what’s the best practice. Male 2: Do a complete dump, keep them all and save them for later day just you need every single photo you took. Male 1: Okay, so that’s interesting because I have to call to her. I mean I bring in the photos and about 30% or 40% of them, you know, it’s out of focus, it looks crumby, probably you have this on You Tube. Male 2: No. Male 1: No, because you’re a professional photographer. Male 2: I’ve seen your pictures. Male 1: Yeah, so I definitely have to call to her and I also liked to take things and put them into categories and in the album. I have 8100 photos in my iPhoto archive and that takes up about 40Gigs of space which seems to me like an awful lot. How much you’ve got? Male 2: Eight Terabytes Male 1: Eight Terabytes, once you’ve got them transferred from the camera to the computer, isn’t that backed up enough? Male 2: No, you have to get them onto another hard drive, I guarantee you, you know somebody who’s hard drive has failed because you’re looking at your Dad Labs, you had three hard drives failed we’ve had at home, I’ve had multiple hard drives failed as well, that are out there Male 1: Do you like an automated process, or what is your backed up process? I’m Time Machine which is an automated process, that is a Mac product, it backs up everything on my computer to the hard drive, I just hook up the hard drive and don’t pay any attention to it, because that’s the way you roll it. What’s your process? Male 2: Well, it think it depends on the dad, how authentically savvy he is, as well how patient he was for figuring out the scripting process for backing things up, some dads like it, some dads that I have talked to had difficulties with that. Male 1: Any suggestions as to—I mean if some of these guys is going to fail, are some hard drives are better than other, who shop for a certain amount of storage? Male 2: Statistically, all hard drives have some sort of failure, right? So really, as long as you go to the name brand, you could use your local Fry’s or Best Buy, Tiger Direct maybe to help you consult with which ones are ‘named brands’— Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital are all pretty good brand. Male 1: Do you really need a Terabyte or—? Male 2: Yeah, you do because how many Gigs is this card over here? Male 1: That’s four. Male 2: You need to take a bunch of these. And all of a sudden you’re start to fill up 600 Gigabyte hard drive. Male 1: Do you need to do even further back up, maybe do something online. Male 2: A second level of redundancy is also advisable. I don’t think it’s all for families. I great way to do would be through Facebook, or Flickr, if you are .mac guy, that’s how you back up your stuff. Male 1: How about the services like Mozy, you pay a small monthly subscription, less than 10 bucks a month and they will back up all the data you want. Male 2: I’m intrigued by this, but this is a developing industry, so it has a stabilized system in terms of what the product is or what the value is to the end users, they’ll try to figure out how to pay for it. So, I’m still a little reluctant to be an early adaptor to that because my family photos are too important for me to be in an early adaptor. However, my dad is using it right now. He thinks it’s a great serviced, it’s really easy for him to use, and so I think it would be probably the way we go in the end. And one more issue is that when you upload photos to another service, and it’s different between all of the services that we talked about, but some will modify the photo as you upload it and make it a smaller version for them to post if you’re using some sort of services, not specifically a back up service. And if you ever want to ever print that beautiful photo of your daughter or son, then you would not have the high resolution. Male 1: Which brings up another way to back up, my wife’s sometimes want to print out the photos. She just wants a hard copy that she could pin up on her board at the office. And of course, you could always order these lot of online services including Mac that is offering these books. You can print out books of your photos. Male 2: In fact we did a Dad labs episode on making these books. You should go and check out over Male 1: Well, thanks again to our sponsor Baby Bjorn, safe and secure, Eco-Tech materials, the safest you can find, Baby Bjorn. Daddy Troy, thanks a lot Male 2: Yeah, we’ll see you guys over