How to Avoid Snack Rage
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Snacks have a way of taking over a household. And as parents, we know kids need them, but how do we prevent every event from becoming all about the snacks? We take this issue into the Lab and digest the information. Brought to you by Boon.


Clay Nichols: Love them or hate them, they are part of almost every parent's everyday. Brad Powell: Snacks. Snacks give bad wrapping. Clay Nichols: Snacks, can I have one? Brad Powell: But snacks are inherently bad. Clay Nichols: I am serious, can I please have a snack? Brad Powell: You know kids need snacks. They have little tiny stomachs and they need nutrition in between meals. Clay Nichols: Please, please, please, I am looking to snack. Brad Powell: Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids need two or three snacks in between meals everyday. Clay Nichols: I said please I want to snack, please give me a snack. Brad Powell: Whatever dude, you are two years old. Clay Nichols: See. Brad Powell: You are annoying. Clay Nichols: This is how it goes. Brad Powell: Can I have a beer, please, please. Clay Nichols: Yes. Brad Powell: Oh thanks. Clay Nichols: And this episode brought to you by Boon. We are talking about how to manage snack time and snacks. Brad Powell: Obviously the object with snacks is to go healthy, fresh or whole foods, here are few of our favorites. Clay Nichols: FruitaBu, organic fruit snacks, we love them. These 100 calorie packs of pretzels, awesome. Brad Powell: Carrots from the dark, raisins from trees, grow on the dark. Clay Nichols: Vans, Vans. Brad Powell: I got a Van big as a tree. Clay Nichols: Okay two problems with the healthy snacks. One, the kids like the crap better and usually the crap comes in better packaging. Brad Powell: But here is tons of really healthy easily package snacks. You know why we tolerate crap for snacks but insist on healthy stuff for meals? Clay Nichols: I think it's about, you know, parents having their fixed lunches for their kids and then preparing a handmade snack on top of this like another meal, although my parent -- when I imagine the stay at homes like preparing, cutting up their home grown carrots and whipping up a little yogurt mint sauce to putting there with it, pretty much showering cheese. Brad Powell: Dude, packaging is the problem? You need to check out the Boon Snack Ball. Put the snacks in there, great serving size, your crackers on, get all smashed up into powder and the kids think it's really cute. Clay Nichols: Yeah, my ones will take a bat to that. Brad Powell: Dude, it's for younger kids. Clay Nichols: Hey, couple of other quick tips, how to keep snack time from being a wine time because it seems like wining and snacks go together almost every single time. One thing, always keep the snacks scheduled may be twice a day, ten in the morning or right after school. If you have those set times for snacks, they will wine all day long begging for snacks. The other thing, give them some choice. Create a couple of kid snack areas in the house, whether it's a drawer in the fridge or the bottle in the pantry, stock it with good healthy snacks. When it's snack time, allow the kids to choose, that will cut down their wining. Brad Powell: One thing that bows me out ultimately all about snacks. Clay Nichols: We try doing thing nice to the kids, right? We go the movies, we go update the beach, we go the circuses, all bought the snacks. Snacks this, snacks that the whole time. Brad Powell: I don't buy that. Clay Nichols: We can't buy, there is no use buying. Give them the snacks, get to that hopefully you know that you enjoy some of the actual experience. Brad Powell: And the ball game. Clay Nichols: How can we start about the ball game, we never seen a ball game, all the time about snacks this, snack, go. Oh, now my damn peanuts are everywhere. Brad Powell: You got snacks, you got to have juice. Check back on Thursday and Daddy Troy will give us the whole scoop on juice. Clay Nichols: You know, we must complain about snacks is that I just I like them, I like them too much. Brad Powell: You know before I had kids, there was soaked lemon in the refrigerator, that's it. Clay Nichols: And now it's everywhere, you trip over the stuff, and you don't need snacks. Brad Powell: No. Clay Nichols: I don't eat snacks, we don't eat snacks. Brad Powell: No. It's not one of those things I warn you about either. Clay Nichols: Well, if you got some ideas about how to provide healthy snacks for your kids, aboard them yourselves and keep snack from taking over your life. Please just drop us a comment in this video. Go to, join the community and start a conversation there and you'll automatically be registered for our weekly giveaway. Brad Powell: It's a great giveaway from Boon, a whole host of feeding products, feeding package from Boon, innovations for modern parents, Boon. Clay Nichols: That's all for us this week in the lab, see you next time. Brad Powell: Dude, I saw you challenged down on some crackers the other day. Clay Nichols: Yeah, I've got a little problem. Brad Powell: Oh, yeah. Clay Nichols: I got a fish cracker issue. Brad Powell: Yeah what, you know, you are born in Dallas, those lovely place. Clay Nichols: They smile at me and they say, us, all of us. Brad Powell: Really? Clay Nichols: Don't leave any of us behind. Brad Powell: Did you feel little strange when you are in? Clay Nichols: Crack open the spout, pouring down your throat.