How to Avoid Online dating scams
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Sad but true. Not everyone that professes to be looking for love online is doing so honestly. Even the best online dating sites are trawled by people looking to make a fast buck of the naive. Molly McDonald continues her online dating tips by highlighting some of the most common online dating scams and tells us how to avoid falling victim.


Male Speaker: Get yourself a copy of the free gDOC CREATOR. It lets you create print and view your Microsoft office talks to PDF of XPS. Download a copy right now at That’s Molly McDonald: Online dating is widely used it’s also a place for scammers to try to take advantage of innocent people. Here something to look out for. People living far away asking for money to come visit you. Someone promising you a gift, but needs money first so they can ship it. If someone says they are in trouble and they need your help come on this is an online dating site surely they have someone they know in real life they can help them. Craigslist personals there are personals on Craigslist which anyone can post to but be careful as a lot of these postings are crude. Hence the reason for having to verify that you are over 18 to continue on to view the ads if you’re really serious about finding love online -- websites that specialize in online dating not classified that. Youngster watching and don’t miss the next episode in the Finding Love Online Series.