How to Avoid Online Dating Mistakes
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When looking for love online, it's easy to fall into the most common online dating mistakes. Continuing our online dating tips video series, we look at common online dating pratfalls and how to avoid them.


Male Speaker: Get yourself a copy of the free gDoc Creator, it let's you create print and view your Microsoft Office docs to PDF or XPS. Download a copy right now at that's Butterscotch Tutorial Special: Finding Love Online Series, Part Six of Ten: Mistakes to Avoid. Molly McDonald: When getting into the online dating scene, try to remember some mistakes to avoid. Number one Expectations. You should never assume that the person you see on an online dating site is telling the absolute truth. Just because he says he is an Engineer, doesn't mean it's true. People stretch the truth sometimes, so this is another reason to be shared to get to know the person a bit online and maybe over the phone before you even consider meeting them in person. They may not lie about their job, but they may lie about whether or not they have been married or about their alcohol and drug use. Just like with anything else you do online use caution. Signing up for only a one month subscription. A lot of dating sites offer a free account for a month and a lot of people cancel after the free trial is over, assuming the online dating thing just doesn't working. The problem is -- is that no one should expect to fall in love in just a month's time, online or in real life it's just not realistic. If want you to get online dating a chance you should find a site that's right for you and give it at least a few months just like a lot of sites offer a free trial account. Some also offer refunds if you don't find a match within a certain amount of time. No Photo + Boring Profile = Poor results. Not including a photo and putting little effort into your profile. Be honest, are you going to want to start an online relationship with someone if they don't even have a photo up in their profile. Physical attraction is an important part of relationship. So you are not doing yourself any favors in hiding behind a blank profile. Have a friend take a nice photo of you and then check out episode 3 in this series to see how you can spruce it up. Also be interesting in you profile. Don't leave things blank with no answer. This isn't really helpful to anyone. The more you fill out the better your chances are. Don't give up. If it's been two weeks and you haven't had any hits on your profile, don't worry. Online dating will help connect you with a lot more people than saying to going to a bar. But it still takes time and effort. Try looking over your profile to see if you can spruce it up a bit, maybe you can change your photo and above all be patience. Thanks for watching and don't miss a next episode in the Finding Love Online Series.