How to Avoid Morning Sickness
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Kara Korhonen, dietary expert, talks about the symptoms of morning sickness, how avoid this terrible problem, and how to reduce the symptoms.


Do you ever have that quizzing nausea’s feeling? Morning sickness is an awful experience. They can happen at any time, not just the morning. Regardless on when it strikes, morning sickness sucks. There are few mornings in my first trimester when I experience the horse of morning sickness. If you experience it then you know what I am talking about. The urge development is so intense. You are shaving your husband, kicking the dog and propelling the cat out of the path to the bathroom. I quickly discovered that as long as I ate right when I woke up then I would not get nauseas and make everyone else is morning miserable too. But, if I showered first and then I ate breakfast it was all over. I leave it to your imagination to interpret exactly what I mean. There is no cure for morning sickness a side for avoiding pregnancy all together, but symptoms can be decreased. If you are experiencing morning sickness, try some of these suggestions: 1. Eat before getting out of bed in the morning. Dry foods are the best for this. Say some crackles or if you are so lucky warm delivered your bed toast. Eat just before you go to bed at night. 2. Avoid spicy fatty foods. 3. Do not let yourself get hungry or dehydrated. 4. Toed snacks and water with you, but only drink a little at a time. 5. Eat small amounts of food every couple of hours. 6. Do not take your prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement on an empty stomach. 7. Cope with good ventilation and let fresh air into your home. 8. Eat any food that stays down and do not try to tell me that cheese cake and ice cream are the only once that stays down. 9. Eat cold foods. Eat the smell of food makes you sick. If you are losing weight during your first trimester because of morning sickness, do not worry talk to your obstetrician or midwife. You can catch up and gain weight later in your pregnancy when you are feeling better.