How to Avoid Eating Candies in the Office
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Food Think with Wansink: Is your office candy dish making you fat?


Brian Wansink: Welcome, I’m Brian Wansink, the author of the book, “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.” Why do you eat so much from the candy dish yet sitting on your desk? One of the nice things about candy dishes is that they are social magnets. When we put them on our desk, people who come in the office they smile, they are happy, we’re giving it to them, but the bad thing is what it often does for our diet. And what we know is that this is a very dangerous candy dish for three reasons and they all begin with the letter C. First of all, it’s clear, it’s close, and it’s chocolate. In the series of studies with office workers where we give them all the candy they could eat for a full month. It’s a venomous candy ball, but what we did is every night when they left at five o’clock we wait until they are out of the building and then we tiptoed into their office, counted how many candies they have eaten and then we refilled it. So, for a full month, we could tell every single day how much she ate. Now, the bad thing about that is that if this candy just you see right on your desk, she would be able to reach out, snatch a candy and open like that. You won’t be able to almost time how fast it takes, but simply moving it six feet away, what it does is it gives people a pause. To get up and have another piece of candy they have to pause and say, “Do I really want another piece of candy?” What happens is that half of the time they answered, “No, I don’t.” That’s why you end up eating so much less when it is just six feet away. You have to think twice. I’ve got an idea, why don’t we see that real people do when it comes to their candy dishes. Let’s go on a candy patrol. Follow me. Here’s one now. I happen to know that this is a very dangerous candy dish because it has a three Cs going against it. Look at this, it’s closed, it’s convenient and clear and worst of all chocolate. Hey, we’re getting better here. Look at here, this is still closed, still convenient and still clear which it has going forward is that it’s a hard candy. We know that the longer candy takes to eat, the less that we eat. Now, here’s our candy dish. Hi, Pat. Pat: Hi, Brian? Brian Wansink: It’s not closed. It’s not clear. It’s not convenient and it’s certainly not chocolate. What we filled this with are big things you have to think twice about eating, but there are also big things that we don’t want to eat everyday. What do we have? Things some like some three berry candies. We’ve got a Nutri-Grain bar, what else? Look at this, Spam Single of Turkey. This is going to be here, a long, long time.