How to Avoid Dog Bites
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All dogs are capable of biting in certain situations. Here are a few tips to stay safe and help you read doggie body language.


Dogs can be great companions but bites are all too common especially among children. A few simple rules can help keep you and your family safe. For starters, never approach an unfamiliar dog or one that’s tied up behind a fence or in a parked car. Beware of dogs with their ears down or tail top. It’s a sign they’re frightened and may strike. If the dog is with its owner always ask if it’s friendly and if it’s okay to pet. If an aggressive dog approaches you, stand motionless and stair straight ahead, ignore the dog until it goes away. Even the friendly as the family pets require some caution if there are children around, don’t let a child get in the dog’s face as the dog may perceive this as threatening. Never leave a young child alone with a dog and make sure children don’t disturb the dog when it’s eating, chewing a toy or sleeping. Acting with caution and common sense can help ensure that man’s best friend is always just that.