How to Achieve Manicured Lawn Lines
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Landscaping expert Ahmed Hassan shows you how to achieve those perfectly manicured lawn lines with a few easy-to-follow landscaping tips.


Male: It’s another DIY network, yard crashers quick tip. Ahmed: Have you ever found your self at the ball field and before the game is even going, you’re admiring just a lawn out there. Well, I'm going to show you a few tricks to get those nifty looking lines on your hometurf. What I’ve got is a nice heavy commercial great walk-behind mower. So, those lines you see out of the ball field or a well-maintained yard come from the wheels making tracks up here in the turf. You wan to find yourself a reference point. What I'm going to use is that tree down there. Once you create that straight line, your next line just follows it and you just keep on going. I went down, I came back up. I went down, I came back up. If you keep that same pattern, you’re already starting your striking effect and once you're done with all your work then you get this nice clean intensive straight line. It’s a little more work but look at the pay-off it will give, a lawn that is truly a home run everytime. Male: For all things home improvement, go to 24/7.