How Safe are Infertility Treatments
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Infertility treatments have been used successfully for many decades. However, there is the possibility of multiple pregnancies or obstetrical problems.


Dr. John A. Schnorr: You know that we have a of data on that, we have actually been doing infertility treatment for many-many decades now and we know that your chance of having a healthy baby is the same as if you did not go undergo treatment to conceive that baby. So we do not feel that there are any significant increased risks other than the fact that multiple pregnancies are common. So our biggest challenge in our field is to create one baby at a time rather than 2 or 3 babies at a time which actually can increase the chance of having problems. Some data might suggest of if you get pregnant with infertility treatment at earlier chance of having the baby early or having some other obstetrical problems but for the most part birth effect rates are pretty much the same.