How Pregnancy Weight Gain Affects Women
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Dr. Cook describes how additional weight gain from carrying multiple babies affects a woman.


How Pregnancy Weight Gain Affects Women When you have multiple gestation, they grow just like you literally have two or three or four babies until about 28 weeks along in the pregnancy. Then there is somewhat of a plateauing of the growth, meaning they grow somewhat slower than a singleton would grow or single baby from the latter part of the pregnancy on. However, the overall effect is going to be a markedly distended uterus. So you only can go so high up to your breastbone before you start having more lateral extension. So I see these women have a much wider abdominal girth and that can cause multiple number of discomfort, more pressure on their bladder, more pressure on their diaphragm so they feel short of breath, and inability to extend the stomach as much so they feel full faster. So there’s a number of side effects that women will experience with that amount of uterine distention.