How Politically Active Family Inspires Public Service Career - Matt Curtis
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In Chapter 1 of 17, public affairs and communications strategist Matt Curtis, shares the family experiences informing his decision to become a public servant.


Erik: How has your family’s political activism history influenced your own decision to work in public service? Matt: My grandfathers were air raid wardens during World War II so they walked around their neighborhoods with flashlights and a little white helmet telling people to turn their lights off or draw their shades down. They were both very active in politics. They were, one was a president of the United Coal Miners Local for his city in northeastern Pennsylvania and the other was a president of a club that ran democratic party politics in northeastern Pennsylvania… and I grew up listening to these two guys and really talking to them and sitting at their knees and hearing all their stories and I just loved it because at the end of whatever their story was, it didn’t matter how it got done, they were helping people out. So they helped people find jobs, they helped folks get their house fixed, somebody in the neighborhood their spouse died and they helped that person find the insurance or the money to be able to pay for the funeral, and at the end of the day they were helping these folks out and that is what really hit me, and that really probably started me down this path of becoming a soldier in the community.