How Parents Helped a Child's Cooking Career
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In Chapter 8 of 15, “The Art of Eating In” author and home cook Cathy Erway shares how her parents have continually supported her passions for cooking and writing. Recognizing their daughter's passion for cooking for others, Erway's food loving parents hand her responsibility for cooking holiday family meals.


00:04 to 00:09 Erik: How has your family’s support and encouragement powered your writing and cooking career? 00:10 to 00:27 Cathy: They are pretty supportive of what I’m passionate about, and I can’t thank them more for that. They also tend to be really into food, so I get to cook for them. In fact, my parents threw in the towel for all the holidays and family fests and said, “You’re the cook.” 00:27 to 00:30 Erik: Wow, that’s a big deal. Did that surprise you? 00:30 to 00:43 Cathy: I cook turkeys, everything. No, not really. I always like playing a hand and they know I would like to enjoy that. 00:44 to 00:45 Erik: Now you have that torch. 00:45 to 00:46 Cathy: Yeah (laughing)