How Parents Become Role Models and Inspire a Family
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In Chapter 2 of 11 brand marketer and Austin On-air radio personality Randall Metting shares how his parents each became important role models in his life. Metting notes his parents beliefs and actions both impacted his personal ambition and goals. From effective communication and kindness to watching his dad develop a music career, Metting learns to apply the lessons in his own life.


Erik: How have your parents influenced your professional development? Randall: First and foremost is how you treat people, because you can’t become successful in this world without treating people the way that you want to be treated. As much as that sounds cliché, it’s a very, very important mantra that I live by on a daily basis and that does stem back to communication over all in this world but they both in their own rights and then together as a married couple have always instilled that within our family and that is basically just to communicate as best you can and to treat people well and treat people right. So, my parents are not only an amazing couple but each of them have been so highly successful in their own working worlds. Mom being an artist, a painter essentially on all different levels of art, my father was in the music business for over forty years with both CBS records, which then became Sony music and then with Universal Music and Video Distribution and I’ll use my father as the example first because I learned from him, I wanted to be like him based on not only his working within the music business but everything that he did within the companies he worked for and he just had such a laid back style and he was a great listener, good communicator and was excellent to his employees and Mom much the same in her artistic world. Dorothy just did some great, great things within various organization and was always involved and you could never tell her no, she was always going for yes, making it happen, getting it done, she was like the little Energizer Bunny which we still call her to this day