How Men Should Hold Babies
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Will moms tolerate dads demanding their fair share of baby holding? It is an issue that puts 50/50 parenting to the test. If dads can manage to get themselves named Official Baby Wearer, then they stand a fighting chance. DadLabs ep 493 is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Let's say the ideal is a 50-50 parenting split when it comes to raising kids and running the house. Daddy Clay: The question is how well this concept will apply when it comes to the issue of holding the baby. Daddy Brad: Today's show is brought to you by the makers of the most dad friendly baby carriers on the market Baby Bjorn. Daddy Clay: You know today's are probably already pass, but back when I was expecting my first child. Daddy Brad: Back in the 70s. Daddy Clay: Just ten years ago, one thing that really sort of freaking out may be nervous holding babies and infants. Daddy Brad: Really? Daddy Clay: Yeah just may be I was afraid I was going to do something wrong I was going to drop them and the crazy thing is whenever you are around with a couple with a new born and they learn that you are expecting the first thing they do is start shoving that baby at you -- hey take the baby, I don't want the baby, it freaks me I am worried about it don't do that. Daddy Brad: That's completely insane because when you have your first child you realize that you need to hold that baby, when you hold the baby that's when the bonding happens, you need to hold that baby as much as you can, you need to hold that baby as much as mom. Daddy Clay: Well sure I think that's good in principle and mom is more than happy to share 50-50 the laundry, doing the dishes, splitting 50-50 the snuggle time, you are going to be ready for some push back. Daddy Brad: So we want our time bonding with that baby, we want to be holding our new born, how to do we do this without getting mom all riled up. Daddy Clay: Yeah I have got a little notion about that I think you want to get yourself name sort of the official baby wearer of the family you do that your goal and you are going to get your time holding the baby and interesting thing is even sort of use stereotypes of men and their roll as fathers to sort of on your mind and change that stereotype. Daddy Brad: I am the big strong Berlin man I should carry the baby close to my person right here. Daddy Clay: Yeah you can also play other than I am more capable, you can also sort of go the chivalric route say honey you carry that baby for nine months, please allow me and remember with all that back troubles that you had, really please let me carry the burden for while. Daddy Brad: Then there is subterfuge, even these Baby Bjorn carriers easy to put on and easy to adjust, easy to get the baby in and out of, you don't need to let mom know this. Daddy Clay: No just tell her honey these things it's just really tough to get these things online and it's really tough to get it adjusted right. Speaker1: You can tighten these up just a little bit here, your shoulder straps.. Speaker2: Over here? Speaker1: Yeah just a little bit so it feels good, great. Daddy Clay: Tell her it's really hard to get baby in and out of Speaker1: Bring this under the arm and clip it. Daddy Clay: Tell her that you lost the instruction book and they are definitely not printed right here on the inside of the carrier. Daddy Brad: And in addition tell her the bonding opportunities there are many great reasons to keep your baby close. Avroy Fanaroff: It makes the baby calmer it enhances the brain growth, it makes the mother and father feel good and all round encourage it. Daddy Brad: So moms and dads did you share the baby holding 50-50? It's so how do you manage that if not why not, tell us at Daddy Clay: We want to thank our sponsors Baby Bjorn, dads in mind when they design Baby Bjorn. That's all for this week here in the lab.