How Men And Women Can Be Just Friends
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Yourtango's guy panel discusses the possibility of men and women being just friends


Matt: Welcome to That’s What He Said. You're window into the boy’s only clubhouse where guys reveal their deepest secret about sex, marriage, makeups, and breakups. I'm your host, Matt Titus and welcome to That’s What He Said. Today we have some great questions from our friends at Ask Your Tango. Does he really wants to be friends? This guy calls me every day, and text me all the time. He calls me his friend. He says he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. The dude is not interested. I mean, when he's telling a girl that he just want to be friend, there's no hope for this woman. And what happens is when we feel like a girl’s buddy, we have no problem hanging out with her, we don’t have any problem texting her, she is a dude to us. Michael: I think your average guy, if he says, I just want to be friends, generally means that. Now, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Some guys move really slow. Some guys, they're really cautious, they really don’t want to get their heart out there. Matt: But you wouldn’t tell this girl that you just want to be friends. Bob: It’s the word friend. It’s the word friend. There isn't one guy in the world that doesn’t understand the implication of using the word friend in a relationship. Matt: Here's another question, is it possible to be just friends with a woman? Baron: Yeah, if I was interested in her, I kind of wanted something to happen. She wasn’t into it. Matt: You can still make that transition, because you know what? If I'm into a chic and she's on to me and I'm looking at her every day. And I know that she's not into me and its limited, I'm torturing myself. And the other thing is, why do guys need girls that are friends. What's the purpose of that? Rich: So that they can ask them what to do with the girl that they're really into. Bob: To have that one on one friendship, man and woman. The only reason the girl is there is probably genuine friendship, the reason the guy is there, is that hopefully at some point she's going to want to have sex with you. Matt: He's going to turn her, somehow. Baron: Any guy who have a female friend, if she was like, let's have sex. Instantly he would be like, yes. But any girl with a male friend and he was like, let's have sex. She would stop talking to that guy. Bob: You got it. Matt: Good point. Here's the deal, if a guy says to you that he wants to be friends, you got no shot and you shouldn’t read in to it because he just wants to be friends. Got a question that you want answered by our guy panel, go to