How Guys Write a Birth Announcement
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Owen has a new baby boy! But writing the birth announcement has him stumped. His early attempts such as "My Semen Became a Demon!" just aren't working. How will he ever finish this essential project? Don't ask Brad.


Troy Lanier: Baby birth -- Brad Powell: Will you have a drink? Troy Lanier: I can't, I can't do it, I am working. I am working on a Oscar's birth announcement. I am going to find the perfect wording, so I can't go. Brad Powell: We are going to the bar to have a drink. Troy Lanier: I know, but I am concentrating on being a father. So I have got to do the birth announcement. Brad Powell: What ever, dude. Troy Lanier: Boom-Boom, in Jody's room. We have a new baby child. We have got a baby boy. The semen turned in to a demon. Oscar came, just like I did, 9 months ago. Hey! We just had a baby. It's okay, we didn't like sex that much -- and no. Oscar is born, good news. He doesn't look like college material. Announcement! Oscar is born and you should see the size of Jody's boobs. Oscar, the outcome of my income. Welcome! Why don't you have some breast milk? Go ahead, those boobs used to be mine but now they are all yours. Brad Powell: Oh! Wake up. Troy Lanier: Oh! Brad. Hey, Brad. It is amazing, last night after so many failures. All of a sudden the light was there and it was like God touched my heart with a finger of inspiration. I was Shakespeare, I have come up with the perfect wording to commemorate Oscar's entrance into the world. Brad Powell: Really, that's great but I just got this in the mail from your wife. It's a birth announcement. It's beautiful. Troy Lanier: Is the bar still open?