How Friendships Help Overcome Hardship
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In Chapter 2 of 16 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, The Grace List founder and entrepreneur Hattie Elliot answers "What Has Going Through Difficult Times Taught You About the Meaning of Friendship?" Elliot separates social friends from established ones who can be relied on in trying times. While going through a lawsuit, Elliot finds support in new friends who provide support in a very difficult time. Elliot is the founder and CEO of The Grace List.


Erik: What has going through difficult times taught you about the true meaning of friendship? Hattie: Anyone is happy to be your friend when you’re shiny and puking butterflies and rainbows. I mean I have friendships on all levels. I have friends I can kind of go, you know, party with, but I know who my true friends are, and those are the people when you go through the really tough times, you know, who will wipe your snotty tears off your face or give you a hug, and that you know can call at two in the morning and they’ll be there. I have a ton of friends. I’ve got, you know, really mind-blowing, incredibly intense, wonderful, wonderful friendships with people I’ve known for, since I was pretty much in diapers, as well as people I’ve met in the last couple of years. And it’s funny, when I was going through this lawsuit, you know, day by day, it almost felt like going through a divorce, you know, you just – You’d get up every day and you’d just do what you have to do to get to the day, almost like a robot, and it only hits you sometimes afterwards how hard and how terrible things really are. And we were going through this lawsuit right when I opened in DC, and I didn’t know anyone in DC when we opened, and I just made a couple of new friends right when, you know, shit hit the fan there and some of those people, although they are new friends, that was the point at which they became really good friends and people I’ll be in touch with forever because we’d just met, all that stuff happened, and it all went down one weekend when I realized I had to settle and change the name. When I was there and they were there for me and, you know, and were so supportive, had become genuine friends, people I’ll be loyal to and love and be there for the rest of my life. I know it, because they were there, you know, for me during this really difficult time.