How Family Provides an Entrepreneur Emotional Support
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In Chapter 4 of 13 CEO and London entrepreneur Richard Moross answers "Where Have Your Parents Been Most Supportive to Your Career Development?" He shares how the massive emotional support from parents and family helped him make the transition from a salary job to a new world as an entrepreneur. After making the transition, Moross finds additional support in his brother and sister, who both help in different ways to help to help the company grow. Moross is founder and CEO of


Erik: Where have your parents been most supportive in your career development? Richard: I don’t think it’s possible to do this without having supportive parents, and I mean emotionally, financially, you know, and on every other, every other level. So when Moo first got started, I mean I ran up huge bills. You know, I was living in my own place, so I needed help so, you know, the very basis of things like financially my parents supported me. But going from a steady job into something that was uncertain required massive emotional support, and I was, you know, kind of driven on such an incredibly personal basis. Driven, you know, like compelled, really, to do it. And it must have seemed mad. It must have seemed insane. Why are you gonna go and do this? But the support I got from my parents and from my family in general was incredible. I would never have been able to do it without that because it’s just so uncertain. And also, it’s something that it’s a leap of faith, right? A completely untested idea, product, new space, somebody who had never done it before, and my parents said ‘yeah, go for it, go do it, do what makes you happy.’ So I was really, really lucky in that. It would have been – it would have been impossible without it. Erik: How did you manage the communication as you were going through that process? Richard: Well, you know, share what’s appropriate. You know, when it’s – I think you don’t wanna make them worry. The worst thing is worrying parents. So, you know, I definitely provided the good news first and limited the bad news, but I keep them posted obviously on how the business is doing. Today it’s all good news now. They’re quite shocked sometimes when they realize how many people are in the company or what we’re doing, whatever, but they’ve been amazing. And, you know, it’s important to note the rest of the family. I have a brother and a sister, and my brother actually works with the company. He’s our – he runs our customer services, so should you ever have a problem, you are speaking to a Moross when you’re emailing customer services. You know, things get escalated to me, fairly frequently if we’re having problems, and it’s nice to know that someone that obviously I trust implicitly is looking after our customers, that’s really important. And my sister is a very, very successful young designer. So also helps inform a lot the decisions that – well, it certainly helps inform my view of the world through design, so. But they’ve been – they’ve all been great. Yeah, we’re really lucky.