How Effective is Kids' Sunscreen on Adults
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When you have children or you're visiting a house of someone who does, during the summer there's usually children's sunscreen laying around. Dr. Schultz will let you know whether or not kids sunscreen is also effective for adults.


Dr. Neal Schultz: Hello I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and welcome to DermTV. An important question that mothers ask me is can I use my child's sunscreen on myself? The answer is of course, you can. To my understanding, there is no meaningful difference between adult sunscreen and children sunscreen. All sunscreens are very highly regulated by the FDA, and whatever that SPF value is that an adult gets the child will get the same value and whatever SPF is on the child's sunscreen and adult will get the same value. So, to my understanding, it's only a marketing technique that separate sunscreen for kids and sunscreens for adults. Any opposite is true as well adult sunscreen, of course can be used on children. Please join me again at If you have a question please send me by visiting I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and thank you for watching today.