How do I help my parents understand college if I'm the first to go in my family?
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In this video, Dr. Stevens discusses the dynamics of living in residence halls. The video provides insight into planning during the year prior to attending college and transition issues during the first semester at a university.


Host: How do I help my parents understand what college is if I am the first to go to college in my family? Richard Stevens: If you’re the first person to go to college in your family, it may take some time for you to help your parents and your family understands what college is. And the first thing is that it’s not grade 13. And that you—that the experiences that you will be having are beyond what high school is. That you need to talk to them how your study habits are, that how much more studying you need to do to pass classes. And that how you’re using your time differently even though you may not be in class the same amount of time. Also, you need to talk to them about the pressures that you’re feeling on campus and whether that is pure pressure or pressure from classes or pressure for money. So to begin to have those conversations and talk about those with your parents so that they understand what your new experience is like.