How DeAnne Smith and Eman Survive Thanksgiving
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Comediennes DeAnne Smith and Eman share some advice to surviving Thanksgiving weekend with the family on


How DeAnne Smith and Eman Survive Thanksgiving Eman: I’m Eman. DeAnne: And I’m DeAnne. Eman: And we’re here with DeAnne: To talk about surviving thanksgiving with your crazy family. Veronica: So what does thanksgiving look at your home? Eman: Mine is very different. Instead of the cranberry sauce and the yams we have like Tabule, Humus and Falafel and stuff like that so its very Middle Eastern. We still have the Turkey but very Middle Eastern style stuffed with love and Arab spices. Smelly but its delicious. DeAnne: It’s very traditionally American over at my house everything you said yours isn’t mine and it is yams, cranberry sauce, turkey, a lot of black olives for some reason, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie minced meat pie, we’ve been having that my whole life I still didn’t even know what it is and I’ve never tried it because it sounds disgusting minced meat pie, apple pie. People go out and they get drunk. They get secretly drunk. Veronica: Family often want to pry into your private lives how do you avoid any questions on why you’re still single? Eman: Like I said I’m a Middle Eastern woman I’m 29 years old which means I’m 92 in my parents eyes because we read from right to left. You know what I’m saying and it’s a disaster. I could win an oscar get a Nobel piece price, find the cure for cancer and aids and my parents will still ask me why am I single. It’s horrible. Veronica: You’re telling me your gay would that work in your family? Eman: Oh my god they would kill me, they would have a heart attack. They would. Veronica: And how do you avoid questions on when you’re going to set the date if you are in a relationship? Eman: Again your answer there in the U.S. I’m gay is that going to happen. Don’t hold out for it you need to change your vote if you want that happen. Well you know what you could do because it’s a personal question when you’re going to get married so I say turn it back on your family and just hit them with one of these. Like you know what we’re having plenty of sex as it is now mom things are hot and heavy in the bedroom and I don’t want to mess it up by putting a ring on the finger. Veronica: What are some ideas for a small talk? DeAnne: Around thanksgiving a good conversation to bring out if you’re from a family like mine is like oh man like that colonization and decimation of a whole people so it really worked out for us didn’t it and we just High 5 bam, bam, bam. Eman: We do talk about the weather a lot my parents always go over. We came to this country so you could get an education and be married and we’re stuck in this winter and its minus 40 and then we get into weather conversation so I guess the weather, the weather is a good distraction. DeAnne: There’s another way to take it though if its your family you shouldn’t have to small talk like isn’t that what families are for should be all like you know I’m not in a relationship because you didn’t love me enough. You should be able to dig right into it with your family. Eman: But they play the guilt card I cant’ do it. DeAnne: Yeah. Veronica: Do you have any final words of advice for us? DeAnne: Don’t go to Eman’s house? Genuinely a genuine coping mechanism would be like planning things with your friends you know so that your family tine is limited so you’re like I’m here from3 to 5 and then I’m going with my friends we’re doing something else that’s one way. Veronica: Thanksgiving is the season to be thankful so what are you ladies most thankful for? Eman: I’m so depressed after this conversation. This is horrible. DeAnne: I’m thankful for friends like Eman and just comedy itself and having fun. Veronica: Well thanks ladies its good for having you. Eman: Thanks for nothing. DeAnne: [Laughs]