How Curating Peer Relationships Inspires Personal Best
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In Chapter 4 of 16 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, The Grace List founder and entrepreneur Hattie Elliot answers "When are You at Your Best?" When surrounded by family and peers, she finds inspiration to do her best. Specifically, Elliot finds curating peer relationships, both personal and professional, provides her inspiration. Elliot is the founder and CEO of The Grace List.


Erik: When are you at your best? Hattie: When am I at my best? Wow. That’s kind of a loaded question there. I would say when I’m surrounded by my friends and family, people who just inspire me every day to do better, be better, who bring me great happiness. I mean I think in my life I definitely haven’t followed a generic path, but all I’ve done kind of along the way is to try to create and craft a life for myself through you know, not just my professional life but also my personal life. As you work and progress through your life you’re able to surround yourself by people who are your equals, you know, based on how hard you work and where you position yourself, and where you decide to live, and what industry you wanna go into, and I kind of have the best of all worlds. I mean here I am setting people up, and every day I’m meeting, you know, really incredible artists and architects who aren’t just clients, they’re so much more than that. I mean they’ve become some of my dearest friends. I’ve dated them. So its just been – its just been an incredible and very inspirational, I would say, experience, and since I’ve spoken to you last time, a year ago, it’s crazy to think about, so much has happened and it hasn’t been easy, but I guess life has just been so different than I ever expected but, you know, so much more wonderful than I imagined.