How Cooking Radio Show Pairs Food and Dating
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In Chapter 6 of 15, "The Art of Eating In" author Cathy Erway aims to expand dating ideas by offering new approaches and guest insight on her radio show "Let's Eat In." Before publishing her book, the show extended Erway's community presence beyond her event participation and blog. The weekly Heritage Radio Network radio show brings on assorted guests - from dating experts and cooks to sexologists and artists - to discuss how to pair food and relationships.


00:04 to 00:13 Erik: What inspired your transition to become a dating advisor with your radio show “Lets Eat In” and what do you hope to accomplish with this endeavor? 00:13 to 01:20 Cathy: I started the radio show to have a ton of fun. That’s the idea. Come to think of it, when you go on a date, you shouldn’t have any other goals other than to have fun with that person. That was really all I was thinking about. I just love the subject of dating and food because they go so hand in hand. When you eat with someone… Everyone has to eat and if you are going to see someone often you’re going to have to eat at some point and it’s a really great way to get to know someone and it’s a shared, it’s so visceral, it’s like a human need. What else do we do together that’s so vital? I just enjoy talking about that in all sorts of levels, with all sorts of people. So, basically that’s what I want to do. So, I like to invite a couple of guests each week. I just like to bounce ideas off of each other and pick their brains and see what makes them… what gets them off when they cook or go on dates because I really appreciate their thoughts and I hope my audience does too. 01:20 to 01:36 Erik: And you’re covering a range of topics, cheap dates, looking at ways to create experiences, shape experiences, and ways to make this more accepted through this experience. 01:36 to 01:54 Cathy: Right, let’s look at the date as something that doesn’t need to be spent in a public place or with fancy food. You can have a more casual date, a more casual food, and strip down all of the pretenses and have some really good meals together. 01:54 to 02:05 Erik: Yeah, I think a lot of these dating sites could use some of these talks about simplicity of cooking basic foods to help shape more fulfilling and approachable dates. 02:05 to 02:07 Cathy: And by no means less romantic, too, right? 02:07 to 02:10 Erik: No means less romantic, absolutely.