How Colors Represent Energy in Paintings
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Watch this video by The Win Online and hear advice on how colors represent energy in paintings.


How Colors Represent Energy in Paintings This is a drawing I did today and it is a wolf. The energy that needs to verbalize, that needs to speak out, the one that needs to share with the world. I did this today in need of this because I sometimes isolate and I need to really remind myself that to be alive in this world is to express, is to share with others. I really wanted to share with you this drawing because it’s so important today to do this. And basically I took this drawing, this image right here. It’s from a calendar. I usually just pick images that I think that will work and this wolf called my name, no pun intended but really just said “Hey, I’m in to you to draw me.” And I basically took some of these chalks right here and I used this to sketch it out and kind of just get the feel of what I wanted to get in. Somehow that was working and I felt so much better because I was feeling really like cold and isolative and once I started to draw this, I really felt the vibration coming through. The black around the wolf is identifying, it so significantly in this drawing because it is one. It is the main subject of this drawing. The yellows and the pinks and the oranges are the light that’s coming through. As I speak, I think that’s what occurs is it kind of echoes in the world then kind of connects other people with me and others to one another. So, that’s the purpose of this drawing, from being just really kind of isolative and cold to connecting and now, I’m going out to the world to speak, to go out and share myself with some people. So, these drawing helped me this morning. So, I’m thankful for art and I’m thankful that I can share this with you also. So maybe, that’s going to inspire you to do a drawing today. Thank you.