How Children Inspire Parents
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Ramsey Pryor shares how he finds inspiration in children's honesty and transparency. He also finds inspiration experimenting with different ways to raise the kids, learning from these decisions along the way.


Erik: How do your children inspire you? Ramsey: I see a lot of inspiration in kids because they look at things so honestly and they’re not jaded, they’re looking at things for the first time. They mention embarrassing things when you’re out with them about people, about what they’re seeing but there’s no bad feelings because it’s very honest. So, I think that’s one of the most inspiring things is just to see someone walking around in the world who can talk and seeing the same things that you're thinking or seeing but expresses them very openly and honestly. I think the other thing is you kind of have the chance to raise your kid the way that maybe you think is the perfect way to be raised, which doesn’t always work out but it’s interesting to kind of have that experiment where now it’s your turn to give your kids what you want to give them and see how they react and so we’re trying to give them some exposure to things in travel, things that we think are important really early and hopefully that’s gonna be nothing but a good thing but, you know, you always worry, you know, am I moving the kids around too much, am I overexposing them to things. What if we change towns would that be a good thing because they getting a new experience or are we gonna be breaking up their relationships and friendships and things like that. And so, it starts getting complicated. There’s tradeoffs that you’re inherently making when you make those decisions for your child but just seeing them every day I think is inspiring but definitely just kind of seeing the world through their eyes.