How Childhood Storytelling Propels Writing Ambition
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In Chapter 7 of 15, writer and “The Art of Eating In” author Cathy Erway shares why she writes and what early experiences helped shape her passion into a career. Beginning early, Erway dictates stories to her older brother, who then writes them down and presents them to their parents. Erway attends college for creative writing and, over time, finds literary non-fiction writing and reading most appealing.


00:04 to 00:06 Erik: Why do you write? 00:06 to 00:55 Cathy: I think I’ve always enjoyed writing. I think it was always my career motivation. I went to school for creative writing thinking I would be a fiction novelist or a poet or something. Things change a bit. I read mostly nonfiction now, go figure? Yeah, I just always loved making stories and the written language has always been a fascination of mine. Actually, my parents love telling me this story that I use to write stories before I could actually write. How that was possible was that I use to dictate to my older brother, who would write it down, and then I would add pictures to it and say, “Hey, this is my story!” (laughing)