How are Men Less Evolved than Women when it Comes to Relationships
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Learn how are men less evolved than women when it comes to relationships in this relationship advice video series


Host: Are men just less evolved than women when it comes to relationships and sex? Gloria Macdonald: So often, I hear women complaining or moaning and groaning about men and how all they want is a body and all they want is sex and we have said it before but I can't say it enough times. Men and women are just different. Men are not less evolved human beings, they are not less evolved versions of females. Men are men and I think we as women create so many challenges in relationships because we are expecting men to be like us and then we criticize them and think they are a lowly beast. Because they are not like us and the fact of the matter is they are not going to be like us, they are emotionally, physiologically, psychologically, biologically different and we have to accept that and not criticize them for the differences but embrace the differences, understand them and enjoy them.