How a Teenager Learns Work Ethics From Parents and Music PR Job
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In Chapter 3 of 18 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, interaction designer and researcher Lauren Serota shares how her parents and music industry teenage jobs shaped her work ethic. Her parents teach Serota the value of hard work and balance. Her music public relations jobs teach her the importance of not only building relationships but also to meet someone with an open mind. Serota is an interaction designer at frog design nd a professor at the Austin Center for Design.


Erik: How did teenage jobs working in the music shape your work ethic? Lauren: I think that it was – as much teenage jobs, as it was my parents. I saw my parents always working really hard but always treating each other and treating us well, and so I realized early on that there could be a balance. And my dad was in medicine, and so he worked a lot sometimes but he always made time. And so I think that that taught me that, you know, if you work really hard, it ends up paying off, but you still need to have this balance. And I think that having those – these really kind of public-facing jobs when I was a teenager, made me realize how important it was, how important relationships were, and how important it was to always come into a situation naively. You know, even if you, you know something about it, you need to be – hold your stance or be, you know, authoritative, realize that you’re meeting a new person who has a different outlook, and understand about them, and just to be a little bit more open because everybody is coming from a different place, has a different prerogative, has different beliefs, and so I learned that early on. It has always been really productive, I think. And I think that that’s the most influential thing on how I work that came out of that, besides that kind of seeing my parents do a really good job at managing it.