How a Role Model Shapes a Student's Career Part 1/2
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In Chapter 3 of 21, Shaheen Wirk talks about how role models are as much about introductions to new things as they are about supporting your existing hopes and aspirations. As a Duke University Medical School student, Wirk's role model exposed him to the intersection of finance and medicine, influencing his decision to pursue a career as medicine-focused finance professional in biotechnology, medical device technology, and pharmaceuticals.


Erik Michielsen: Tell me a bit more of how you married that focus on medicine and business and kind of how it evolved now you're through school where we met down in Dharma, North Carolina but then also as it’s Wiki up here in New York City? Andrew Epstein: A lot of it is raw models, you have to have people in life who you look up to, who you think are doing cool, interesting things and if you don’t have these things I think you're a little lost. You're looking for some place you're trying to get to. I mean I have role models. People who did things at dinner section in Madison and you're such in a business who I thought were doing amazing things and I wanted to be like them and that got me interested. Once I got there you got to exposed to new things. You probably never realized like Thai food until someone took to a Thai restaurant.