How a New Mom Can Ask for Help
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The Go-To Mom's advice on how a mom can ask for help.


New Moms: Asking For Help Being a parent of a young child can be both physically and mentally taxing. How often do you feel comfortable asking for help? Rarely, right. Ignoring your own needs can need you to become physically and mentally exhausted, causing you to neglect relationships with family and friends. Common reasons why you may not ask for help. You don't want to feel that you owe anyone or that you won't have time to return the favor. Asking for help may be seeing as a sign of weakness. You may feel guilty asking for help thinking you should be able to do it all. You are waiting till a crises comes up to justify getting help. You are fearful of losing money if you hire help. How to ask for help? Asking family and friends to help can be an awkward and difficult thing to do. In fact many mothers avoid asking for help and end up trying to do everything themselves. You may find that once you take the step and ask someone for help, it's much easier then you expected. Many times family members and friends are willing, but they just don't know how to help. I know this sounds crazy, but I thought if I asked another mother for help I will be overstepping boundaries because she have children. So I would ask friends without children to help me. But boy was I wrong? It was the mothers with children that had more compassion and they saw the stress in me and they were ones who came running to help. If you are working part-time and you think you can do it without help, think again that is the direct route of burnout. If you are earning money, you even to hire help. As the go to mom, even I hire a help. Hey! I even ask friends and family to help me out. Allowing others to assist us, takes the burden off parenting and a less burdened mommy is a happy mommy. You can even set up an exchange with friends, you can say I am having trouble finding time to do everything I need to take care of my children. Can we set up an exchange? Would you be willing to watch my kids for an hour while I run errands and I can do the same for you on another date. Let's set this up as a regular thing. Go ahead, you will be surprised to how easy it is to ask for help once you give it a try.