How a Female Leader Learns to Embrace Her Feminine Side
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In Chapter 16 of 21 entrepreneur Audrey Parker shares as an adolescent and young adult, Parker sometimes wished she could be a man to be taken more seriously. Over time, she grows into her femininity and finds confidence as a woman working in business. Parker learns to relax and give herself permission to be feminine. Setting out to prove and achieve she can be successful in business, Parker does so starting, growing, and selling her company, CLEAResult.


Erik: How have you learned to embrace your femininity as a business leader? Audrey: It’s interesting. For a long time, as an adolescent, as a young adult, there were times where I wished that I was a man. I felt like I would be able to be more effective, or taken more seriously, or just be able to be more successful, and that has really evolved to a place where now in my life I’m extremely grateful and happy to be female, and I’m allowing myself to – I’m just giving myself permission to relax and be feminine and know that that doesn’t make me weaker or less than but just to enjoy the ability to just relax, and there’s just been a side of me that has been so driven and so focused like I needed to prove something or I needed to achieve something, and I feel like I have proven and achieved what I wanted to prove and achieve, and that’s – it feels really good. And now I can just relax and be more feminine, and, really, that knowledge and, not just – not as a thought anymore but really as a knowledge that the feminine is as powerful as the masculine, that there’s not one that’s more than the other, and that’s really liberating as a woman, and I want for more women to really feel that, know their power as a woman and not feel that we need to emasculate ourselves in order to whatever, succeed, or be accepted, or whatever. So it’s been a nice shift.