How a Dad Teaches His Son Valuable Social Skills
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In Chapter 1 of 16 of his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, online media sales executive Geoff Hamm grows up going to work, a community college, with his father. Hamm's dad encourages him to take the initiative and introduce himself to the many people he meets each week at his dad's office. Over time, this openness to meeting people helps Hamm navigate a school change in college and sets the foundation for his sales career.


Erik: How did your father’s fearless attitude shape your own openness to new people and new experiences? Geoff: From the time that I was a little kid, like four years old, I’d go to work with my dad and it was a rule that my dad would literally make me introduce myself as he walked me around to colleagues. He was a president of a junior college and he had a lot of people he knew in the -- where he worked, and there were literally hundreds of people and so on a Saturday afternoon he’d go in to get some work done and I would probably meet fifteen or twenty people in the span of a couple of hours and it was my job to stick my hand out and introduce myself, for a little kid that kind of scares you, you know? So the fact that you’re able to overcome that fear and my dad was always one of those guys that was all about relationships and wanting to meet new people. He instilled that in me in like, a very early age, get over the fear of being who you are and introducing yourself. Erik: That’s right, and that carried through into college. Geoff: Absolutely. You know I think college, it was more about the social interactions and getting to know people whether it was in a class environment or fraternity that I belonged to… that sort of fearlessness of making of making new friends, and I actually started at one university and moved to another, like in the middle of my college experience and so that’s a pretty big fear that you could have this established group of friends and then you go to another university and start all over, it didn’t really phase me and it probably just made me stronger because at an early age I was forced to sort of learn to do that.