Hospital Fires 8 Workers Who Refused Flu Shot
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A northern Indiana hospital has fired eight employees who refused to get flu shots under a new policy intended to protect patients from the potentially deadly illness. (Jan. 2)


SHOTLIST:WBT-TV - Courtesy embargo Northern IndianaGoshen Indiana - Jan. 21. Wide of hospital2. Close of shot3. Wide of hospital4. SOUNDBITE: Melanie McDonald - Hospital Spokeswoman:5. Wide of fired employes6. Tight of sign7. Soundbite Sue Schrock Hospice Nurse8. Wide of sign9. Soundbite of Sue Schrock Hospice Nurse10 Soundbite of Joyce Gingerich - Oncology Nurse11. Wide of hospital12. Close of shot13. Wide of hospitalSTORYLINE:An Indiana hospital has fired eight employees including a number of nurses after they refused to get flu shots.The hospital instituted the policy back in September, telling the staff that the vaccines were no longer voluntary.SOT Melanie McDonald Hospital SpokeswomanThe health and safety of our patients is our top priority. It has to be. People are entrusted to us to make sure they get healthy.However some of those let go say they felt compelled by personal beliefs not to get the injection.SOT Sue Schrock"they are biblical, they are God led and they are who I am."She also says she has some fears about the shots themselves.SOT Sue SchrockI just feel like it's a toxin that I don't want in my body. There are side effects with that and there's no guarantee it will protect you.And she's not the only one let go who believes that.SOT Joyce GingerichI have a personal conviction that I don't want to have one in my body.The hospital says it did make exceptions for those with religious beliefs but not those who refused on other grounds.It also says it implemented the policy after following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the American Medical Association and other health agencies.______/Associated Press