Hoppin' John Recipe
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Hoppin John - What the heck is Hoppin John. Well, its some awesome Cajun cooking, and also a low country recipe popular in South Carolina.


[Music Playing] Welcome to Cajun Cooking TV Featuring Beryl Stokes Hi, welcome to Cajun Cooking TV! Tonight we are cooking Hoppin’ John. Somebody in California requested us to make it so, here we go. The first step is we have a bag of Camellia, black-eye peas. It is a one pound bag. I just going to cut this open and we need to soak this over night. So, this is the night before. I have got a big bowl of water here. Just mixed those up, I am going to cover this, like I said I am let it sit overnight. This is going to soften at the beans and they will be ready to cook tomorrow. We have got a lot to do here so, I am going to get start right away so, first I have the Dutch oven six fourth pot here. I have got two tablespoons of canola oil, and I am going to put this on number six, and I will take of my diced onions and, one cup of this beautiful bell peppers. There you go. Then, a little bit of a scarlet, I am going to do about one teaspoon. I am just melting for your stake. So, we sauté this for a few minutes, and wilt the vegetables and then, we will start putting some other items together. It is just been about some five minutes and I am wilting the vegetables. I did forget to tell you, I put some celery in here. Just three stalks of celeries diced up, no big deal. So, you can add about later. But I would be able and tell you again we are making a Hoppin’ John. Someone in Irvine in California, his name is Dennis ask this to make this. So, went to look it up because I had no idea what it was and, so what I have found it is black-eye peas. What is actually we call it here in Louisiana, is black-eye peas. So, anyway this is one of my favorite either to as the way I say that every time, he likes everything I cooked. So, anyway let us get moving on this. I have some vegetable stocked, I had in the freezer. Formally we make gumbo, and you have to checked out chicken is starts with gumbo. So, we are going to add that in right now and just let that start to melt and I will show you some more step in a second. Next, I am going to add one can of original Rotel tomato and then, I have one about one cut up jalapeno small one but these were some sliced jalapeno. Of course I will remove the feet, I do not want it to baked it too hot, and I have a bowl full of spices here, and I am going to tell you what these are. I have one bay leaf. So, that is going in. I have one a half of teaspoon of ground thyme and, a half of teaspoon of ground cumin, and then I also have one teaspoon of KJing Crey-o season. So, that is just about those and everything for us. We will sprinkle that in, and that is smells so good, just right there and, now I am ready to add in our black-eye peas. This is the main ingredients. We started out in bowl way down here and after they are soaked overnight. They have been expanded. You can use fresh or frozen, I just would not recommend canned because that mixed the purpose. So, we are going to give this to food good stir and I am adding a little more water and make sure everybody is covered and then, here let me show you. This is our pork sausage and like I said, you can either use the breakfast sausage, any of the other sliced sausages or ham whatever you want. We like the fresh sausage and what Mike did last night we were grilling, so after we grill some fish, he put this on to grill so, and they have smoked and already cooked. So, we just sliced them in big chunks and there they go. Come and look over here Mike. Looked it all of this beautiful color. I am going to add a little more water folks, just to get sure, make sure this is all covered. Then, I will bring it to a boil. I have turn the stove right now to bring it to boil and then, we will simmer it for that an hour and half on left. That is all good and covered. I am going to bring it to a boil, covered it put in on number three. We will be back. Hi, everybody it is been an hour and half the black-eye peas have been simmering and what I did is I spooned out some of the black-eye peas and I am smashing them with the fork care and this is going to help thicken up the gr