Home Improvement Expert Tom Krauetler - Increase Home Space
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One of the absolute best ways to increase the value and livability of your home is to add living space. And so while you might think you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a new addition all you really have to do is reinvent and improve some space you already have. And you can do it for much less than you think. Fall is the perfect time to take a good look at spaces such as basements and garages to increase comfort and usability.


Increase Home Space Well fall is the perfect time to try to find some extra storage space around your house. A good place to start is in the garage. Now glide to your garage works makes a number of products that can help. You have the jumbo gearbox which is this big steel cabin and you can get plenty of storage space in there and then what you have right here is the gear chest and the gear drawer is a good place to put all of your tools and you can lock them up and keep them nice and neat and it’s got wheels on it so you can move it around. We have got a very unique product here called the freezerator and this is specially used for if you like to buy food in bulk saves some money because this is refrigerator freezer combination where it actually converts where it could be 100 percent freezer. So you can have a great space to store things and it also got a compressor that’s designed to work in cold temperature so you do not have to worry about a breaking down, good product. Now inside the house, bathrooms are a popular project this time of year. You want to clean them up get ready for the holidays. If your tile wall looks like this kind of dirty and disgusting, see all our bath and kitchen cleaners are great way to bring it back the life. It does a really good job and bringing that whiteness out and the grout without a lot of scrubbing. You also have CLR calcium lime and rust remover which is very effective to get rid of those mineral salt deposits like the kind that clog. Shower heads, once you do that and you want to choose an easy improvement for your bathroom, think about replacing the faucet. This is by Moen and it is from 90 degree collection so it’s got a beautiful, minimal as modern design but it is water sense certified that means it uses 32 percent less water than a traditional faucet. Now pinning is something that we all have to do from time to time and typically you have to buy a primer and topcoat paint. Well, Behr has a new product called Premium plus Ultra which is paint and primer in one can. You do not have to buy 2 separate products. Now it has ——technology which gives you excellent coverage. You take a look at this demonstration. We got a board here that’s paint in white black with one coat of red and reds are tough cover—tough color that usually you have to put a lot of coats. But with this, simply 2 coats, noticed it is covering the black filling in the red, covering the white and 2 coats is all it takes to do a beautiful red finish which is really that’s has of a good quality paint and that is by Behr. Now let us go outside the house for one final storage tip. If you got lawn furniture, you’ve got kids toys, a lawn mower, storage has a great option but you do not have to go out and a buy a hammer, nails or wood. You can get one from lifetime products. Now, this is a steel reinforced plastic shed that assembles very easily it’s got a lockable door, a wood grain finish. And also, this lifetime products outdoor storage chest they can be expanded so as your storage needs to expand, the products can expand with you. Now if you want more tips, we’ve got a website with lots of additional information at moneypit.com.