Home Design Tips for Your Kids' Room
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Interior Designer Craig Olsen gives you easy tips for organizing and decorating your child's room.


Home Design Tips for Your Kids' Room - as part of the home design series by GeoBeats. When decorating a kids room that is where you can have the most fun. You can create themes on absolutely any subject under the sun. For instance, I just did a room recently where the little girl likes to sing and she likes to perform. So I created a stage in her room that gives her a fantasy and makes her feel like a star. When decorating a little boys room they change their mind every other week on what they like best. Whether it is dinosaurs, football players or baseball players, it is always something different. Maybe one week they want to be an astronaut, the next week they want to be a dinosaur. So, you just have to have a lot of fun with boys room. I like to keep it simple, I like to do blues, plaids, denims and just make it as boy and clean and classic as possible. A lot of my clients who are mothers when their decorating their daughters bedroom, they never want their daughter to grow up, they do not want them, they do not want their little princess to grow up. But you have to face it, their becoming a tween and then their going to become a teenager. And let us buy things that are smart choices that can grow with them for several years to come. One of my personal favorites things to put in a child's bedroom is a fur bean bag, it can be real fur, it can be fake fur, just as long as it is fur. I love big over sized bean bags, not unlike this one right here. Kids love them and when people come over and slumber party at your son or daughter's house, there is nothing greater then cozening up on a big bean bag with a blanket.