Home Decor DIY Tips to Save Money
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to John Gidding from HGTV about easy decoration diy tips to save you money.


Host: Believe or not, Home Improvement Projects do not have to take a lot of your time or your money. John Gidding from HGTV has curve appealed the block is here with some low budget home makeover tips that are fun, creative and most of all, inexpensive. Now what I love about HGTV they always have great ideas but a lot of times there are huge projects, these are not. John: True and in fact on block we do some relatively large projects and these are things that are immediately approachable and you said fun they are absolutely fun I put this together and I always have a good time doing it. Host: Okay but let us start off with the pillows first of all because I just recently learned you can spend a fortune on pillows. John: Absolutely and count them up right here, we got four pillows right? But the fact is I only bought two. Host: Really? John: Because what I did is I just cut them along the seam and put in inexpensive fabric on the back you need to do a little bit of selling yourself and you can see some of my stitch work is not the best. Host: I find that it looks pretty good to me. John: It is decent. But the thing is now you have doubled up the pillows and this is… Host: So you just put the fabric from the back of that one onto a new pillow? John: Exactly. Host: That is so creative. John: Is that brilliant or what? Host: It is brilliant, now this next one a place to put flowers? John: Yeah. Host: Just make a little vase. John: Exactly you can buy vases and in terms of saving money there is nothing better than actually having it within for free. Would you agree with that? Host: I would definitely agree. John: So here is my tip for buying—for getting set of free. We all use credit cards and there use to be a time where a credit card was just that, it was your credit. But now you collect points and I found that on the American Express membership awards website. You can actually buy so much that is specifically made for the home or you can get gift cards. Host: So you got a gift card to buy these vases? John: Exactly right. Host: So what did you do with them exactly? John: Well that is the thing, you have to personalize something even when you store buy it why not personalize it to make specific to your home? I had already used these colors in a design plan so I just poured some of that paints into these bottles, pour it back out and you have got perfectly colored vases. Host: And look at that they have so much character I love that. John: Exactly. Host: And this one over here, we know how flower arrangements can be; you actually have lemon in limes in here. How did you come up with this? I never would have thought to this. John: You know actually somebody just mentioned to me that they used this exact thing in their wedding so it is not my idea I guess. It has already been used. Host: Darn it. John: But the idea is as far as it can get expensive and when you go to a florist and you are looking at all these beautiful flowers, the ideas into buy so many of them that you can fill up the vase, why not get some fruits or something that can actually fill it up with some color and life on its own. So we use lemons and limes on this one and rainbows Swiss chart on that one. Host: Look at that. John: Pretty right? Host: Yes it is gorgeous. I love that. John: The idea is… Host: It is more interesting that a regular floral arrangement. John: Exactly and you spent less money on the flowers themselves. Host: Ah amazing! Now artwork we know how expensive art work can be. Yikes! But what did you do here? John: Well here I actually—I used a gift card from creating bells to but these little clay settings which is so inexpensive anyway but I love spending any money on them and I just framed them. That’s all I did and just by framing them alone you get this art piece that you can put up anywhere especially if it goes with the color scheme in your home already or some of your furniture. Host: Thos will look so good in my house, I am sure of that. John: You can have them. Host: Oh you are so sweet. John: Yeah I made them for you. Host: This is sweet. You knew I was going to like those. John: Because I know you like colors. Host: I exactly. I love color and all of these things have so much beautiful color. John: Yes. Host: And another thing is with clocks. You have this creative idea that I also love. John: I am so glad you like it okay so you have cheated because you have already seen this but I think this is really cool. If you got wallpaper in your home and you have a relatively inexpensive clock you can usually find that these clocks come apart and you can replace what was inside there with the numbers with little pieces of wallpaper, so look what happens essentially… Host: You just stick it right on the wall. That looks amazing. John: Exactly. Host: And If I…