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Author, blogger and mom, Stephanie Klein stops by the DadLabs World HQ to discuss her books "Moose" and "Straight Up and Dirty" and offer tips for surviving the holidays. Sexy, honest literature makes the perfect gift.


Clay Nichols: Santa is more, it's one of the more fun parts. I mean there is nothing, nothing beats the kids coming out. Stephanie Klein: Yeah, I like singing Santa baby and getting all sexed up over Santa, so that's my fun for the holidays. Clay Nichols: You have got a Mrs. Claus outfit? Stephanie Klein: Oh yeah. Clay Nichols: We are joined in the studio today by an acclaimed writer and also one of the best bloggers out there in the studio Stephanie Klein. Stephanie, welcome to DadLabs. Stephanie Klein: Hi. Thank you. Thanks for having me here. Clay Nichols: Thanks a lot for joining. I have got your books here. Tell me about these guys. Stephanie Klein: Sure. Well "Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp" is about when I got pregnant with twins and my doctor told me I needed to gain 50 pounds and I said if I gained 50 pounds I am going to weigh more than a Honda and he said I don't understand what's the big deal? The big deal was I grew up as a fat kid, my nick name was Moose. Clay Nichols: And how about this one? Stephanie Klein: And "Straight Up and Dirty" is a very straight up and very dirty book about moving on after divorce when you are young and you have had a mother-in-law and now you have got to look for love again and figure out what it is that makes you happy. Clay Nichols: So Stephanie holidays are coming up. Stephanie Klein: They are indeed. Clay Nichols: You are looking forward to these. Stephanie Klein: I really am. I really am. First of all, I love any excuse to drink pretty cocktail, or even a not so pretty cocktail. Clay Nichols: So cocktail is a good way to cope with the holidays unless you had them too many, and then like you get honest. Stephanie Klein: Yeah, well I am always honest. So I don't worry about that so much. I was thinking about the holidays and fathers and dads and what I remember most about the holidays and my dad is not whatever gifts he got or whatever it was absolutely the ritual that he created for us and the fun things that we would do each year. He was responsible for making a big breakfast, those are the memories I look forward to every year. Food memories hence "Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp". Clay Nichols: How can dads really win some brownie points during the holidays?What's -- Stephanie Klein: I really think it's coming up with really fun silly things that kids will remember. Whether it's going around the neighborhood and figuring out which house is decorated the worst or it's coming up with tradition of the movie night, the night before and getting the popcorn and picking up the fun movies and doing something like that. Doing the silly things. Clay Nichols: Santa is more of the -- it's one of the more fun parts. I mean there is nothing, nothing beats the kids coming out. Stephanie Klein: Yeah, I like singing Santa Baby and getting all sexed up over Santa. So that's my fun for the holidays. Clay Nichols: You have got a Mrs Claus outfit. Stephanie Klein: Oh yeah. Clay Nichols: Just asking. So you have got daddy all dressed up in the beard. I mean, good lord it's the holidays. There is nothing sacred. Stephanie Klein: No. Clay Nichols: That's what I thought. Stephanie Klein: No. Clay Nichols: A couple of cocktails and you are thrilling on this sexy Mrs Claus outfit. Stephanie Klein: Santa Baby, totally. Clay Nichols: Yeah, well that's good. There should be holiday traditions. How about Thanksgiving? Stephanie Klein: Even if they are appalling and your kids want to remember them, awesome. Clay Nichols: So when you write about the kids, you are going to write about your parenthood. I mean so far both of the books that you have got published right now are -- Stephanie Klein: About my own childhood and my moving on after divorce and what that's like. And I think so the next book I am writing about the girl scout actually and my experience with kids. So there is that. Clay Nichols: Well it's interesting. Do you feel it's different like you have to observe the privacy of your kid? Stephanie Klein: Like in Moose, I wrote about how I was wetting the bed until I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. Clay Nichols: Shame on you. Stephanie Klein: It's a pretty mortifying story. One that I would never let's say on my website I would never write about or talk about my kids problems with bed wetting, if they have them. I could tell all my embarrassing stories, it doesn't bear if it sounds fine, but I think that I do have the obligation to preserve their privacy in that way and not tell stories that they feel mortified about. Clay Nichols: So when is the girl scout book coming out? Stephanie Klein: I am just starting to write it now. So it's awhile. My first book "Straight Up and Dirty" is becoming a television show. So I am working on that right now. Clay Nichols: Can you say what network it's going to be, we can see "Straight Up and Dirty". Stephanie Klein: It's going to be on ABC Comedy. ABC Comedy Straight up and Dirty. Clay Nichols: We really appreciate you coming here and hanging out here at DadLabs. These are Stephanie's books, she is a very funny person. Check out her blog at, you can also get "Straight Up and Dirty" or also "Moose" local Barnes and Noble check them out really funny stuff. Thanks a lot for joining us. Stephanie Klein: Thank you. Clay Nichols: That's all from us here at DadLabs. See you next time. Hey go in the community, go to Talk to us about your favorite memoirs or if you have got responses to what Stephanie Klein has said here today or her books, drop us a comment there we will see you there.