Holiday Shopping with Kids
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With a little planning and structure, gift shopping with kids can be fun.


Male: essential information from Fine Living. Female: Children love to give gifts during the holidays. Here’s some tips to make shopping for presents a bit easier for both of you. The first thing to do is to make a list of all the people that they want to give gifts to. Then set a budget for each gift. It’s hard for kids to understand the concept of credit cards so you might want to give them dollars to plan their budget. Before you go to the mall, shop catalogues first. They’re great because you can give kids a stack of them and have them circle the items that they would like to give to friends and family on their list. When you do go to the stores, make it as fun as possible. Make sure they take their list. Decide in advance which stores you’ll go to. Put a time limit on how long they’re going to shop. Make a couple of short trips rather than one long marathon. And then when you’re shopping around with them, build in rewards. Let them know that after they find these two things on their list, we’re going to get an ice cream or to browse in the toy store. Of course you can skip shopping altogether and have children make holiday gifts. Sometimes, those are the best gifts of all. Male: Find more at